Welcome to ConcertStop.com

ConcertStop was created for the promotion of all of the concert events that the Uintah Arts Council gets involved with, either as the event producer or helping in some other way, i.e. ticket sales, advertising, technical production, consultation or fiscal sponsorship. The Uintah Arts Council has been producing events in northeastern Utah for over 29 years. Our nearly three decades of experience draws requests from various organizations for help, whether it’s an actual “Arts Council” event or some local group trying to do a fund-raising to-do.

Hope you have a blast!

We also have a Facebook page, where we mirror the content on this website and let people know of other concerts going on in the area that we have no connection with.

We are under, attached to, aligned and associated with the Uintah Arts Council and its subsidiary projects; namely the Outlaw Trail Theater and the Outlaw Trail Festival of the Arts.