Outlaw Trail Theater Announcement 2017!

The Uin­tah Arts Council’s Out­law Trail The­ater is proud and excit­ed to announce their 2017 sum­mer shows! Yes, we said shows (plur­al)!

First of all, we are keep­ing with tra­di­tion by pro­duc­ing a musi­cal… the incom­pa­ra­ble Sin­gin’ In the Rain! This show will be direct­ed and chore­o­graphed by Tau­nia Wheel­er with music direc­tor Bri­an Lit­ton. The show will run June 19th thru July 1st. Audi­tions will be held in ear­ly-mid April and rehearsals will start May 1st.

Along with the musi­cal, we will also be pro­duc­ing a fun-filled melo­dra­ma… Show­time On the Show­boat or… Don’t Throw Garbage In the Riv­er! The melo­dra­ma will be direct­ed by Jake Har­ri­son! “Show­time” will run a few per­for­mances dur­ing the Uin­tah Coun­ty Fair and again on Wednes­day nights, June 21st and 28th, dur­ing the musi­cal. Audi­tions for the melo­dra­ma will be held at the end of April and rehearsals, again, will begin in the first week of May.

Any­one inter­est­ed in audi­tion­ing should click here, audition/OutlawTrailTheater.com.

Tick­et infor­ma­tion, etc., will be avail­able here, at OutlawTrailTheater.com.

Fol­low us here on Face­book, also, to keep up on what’s going on… or we’ll try to keep feed­ing our Twit­ter site here.

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