We sell tick­ets through Ven­di­ni… online, and through a local tick­et out­let in Ver­nal…

Uin­tah Coun­ty Her­itage Muse­um, 155 E Main, Ver­nal, UT

There are lots of rea­sons why we like Ven­di­ni… and why you will, too.

  • Fast, secure access from your home, office, or your mobile device — 24/7/365.
  • You can print your tick­ets from your com­put­er on your print­er, or…
  • You can have the tick­ets deliv­ered to your mobile device.
  • No box office lines at the venue.
  • If your tick­ets some­how get lost, or fail to print, we can eas­i­ly look them up and get you in the door.
  • Fees: We strive to keep the tick­et fees at a rea­son­able lev­el… although there are still fees added to your pur­chase.
  • If you real­ly feel that you want to hand your mon­ey to some­one local and get a phys­i­cal tick­et in your hot lit­tle hands, you can go to a  local spot to do it.
    • Just so you know, though, those tick­et out­lets go online, sign in to the tick­et data­base, help you get your seat, and print them out for you.
  • There is only one data­base for the tick­ets, so no one can buy your seat through anoth­er out­let… once seat #103A is sold to you, no one else can buy it… any­where!